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Obliterate Clogs with Clog Dog Drain Cleaning Technology

Here at First Class Plumbing, we’re always looking for newer and better ways to tackle your plumbing problems, including ways to make them faster and easier to resolve. We’ve recently purchased two brand new pieces of equipment which will not only allow us to tackle tough drain clogs faster, but do so easier and with more effective results.

We recently took delivery on two brand new Clog Dog drain cleaning machines designed to obliterate clogs without the stress on your pipes or the added danger and wear of chemical drain cleaners. Our Baby Dog machine is a smaller version of the technology, designed for servicing low-capacity lines like kitchen sink drains, bathroom drains, bathtub drains, and even some utility sink drains. This particular system works perfect for PVC drains, but is also effective in both galvanized steel and cast-iron pipes as well. This superior flexibility makes Clog Dog’s Baby Dog system a great solution for just about any type of clog in these locations. The Baby Dog machine is also designed to be extremely water-efficient and clean to operate—no dealing with black drain sludge or dirty water spilling out of your drain like you would from a traditional drain snaking or some other drain clearing technique.

We also took delivery on a Big Dog drain cleaning machine. The Big Dog is designed for servicing main lines, including sewer mains, where clogs can be bigger, tougher, and much nastier to get through. This high-power jetting system removes roots, grease, and all other types of debris from the drain line, all while inspecting the line with a video camera at the same time! This means a more thorough and time-efficient job by ensuring that no debris or clog remnants are left behind. And it can handle clogs in all different types of sewer lines, including those up to a whopping six inches in diameter. And it can do all of this through a cleanout of only 2 to 3 inches.

Baby Dog drain cleaning services start at just $175 per service, while Big Dog services begin at $275. Both of these services are available to businesses as well, though we usually recommend a Big Dog service for anything more than a general plumbing fixture clog in commercial applications. Likewise, all of our Clog Dog drain cleaning services include a full 90-day warranty. If your clog returns within that 90-day period, we’ll come back out and re-clean the line completely free of charge.

Clog Dog machines were developed and built right here in Michigan as well, which means they have the power, durability, and functionality to withstand the rigors of day to day use while also providing your home with the tough clog-busting abilities that you depend on when your drains become blocked. The next time you’ve got a clog, we invite you to give us a call and book a Clog Dog drain cleaning service for yourself—when you see the results, you’ll never go back to old drain cleaning services again.

Book your Clog Dog drain cleaning by calling First Class Plumbing at (248) 717-2015 today.